WINEUR: Your Partner in Skilled Workforce Recruitment

With 25 years of experience in technical project construction, WINEUR’s mother company has established a dedicated recruitment team to connect you with top-tier technicians across various specialties.

Our Extensive Network:

  • Constantly Updated Databases: We maintain a continuously updated pool of skilled technicians and engineers seeking opportunities with reputable international companies.
  • Proven Sourcing Strategies: We leverage a multi-pronged approach to identify qualified candidates, including existing subcontractor networks, partnerships with educational institutions, targeted geographic searches, classified advertisements, and active online recruiting.

Comprehensive Pre-Deployment Preparation:

Before any candidate joins your team, we conduct thorough background checks including:

  • Passport and identity verification
  • Confirmation of relevant diplomas, licenses, and certifications (driving licenses, pilot licenses, engineering degrees, etc.)
  • Foreign language proficiency assessments (if declared as an additional qualification)
  • Work authorization verification for Germany (EU passport holders or special cases for non-EU citizens)

Induction and Training:

  • Introductory Seminars: All candidates participate in seminars covering essential topics like: 
    • Life in Germany: Banking, housing, food, entertainment, public services, transportation, driving regulations, etc.
    • Workplace safety and hygiene
    • Cultural norms and professional conduct
    • Project details and specifics
  • Teamwork Emphasis: We understand the value of cohesive teams. Upon agreement, we can assemble and manage entire work teams, catering to your specific project needs.

Why Choose WINEUR?

  • Extensive Experience and Reach: Our combined expertise spans 25 years in Greek and 5 years in the German market. We operate from offices in Frankfurt, Athens, and Thessaloniki, ensuring access to a vast pool of qualified personnel.
  • Proven Track Record: Greek workers and technicians are renowned for their strong work ethic, adaptability, and trainability.
  • Engineering-Centric Approach: We go beyond standard agency recruitment. Our focus lies in meticulously matching the right candidate with the right project, ensuring success for both parties.
  • Unparalleled Support: WINEUR’s dedicated staffing and recruitment team is committed to providing best-in-class support in finding the skilled workforce that fuels your organization’s growth.

Let’s Connect!

Contact our HR Recruitment team at [email protected] to discuss your specific personnel needs. We look forward to partnering with you!